Slip and Fall

Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and falls can result in minor injuries or very serious injuries. Have you ever been a victim of a severe fall which could have been prevented? A lot of severe injuries that result from slip and falls include; paralysis, spinal code injuries, brain injuries, dislocated joints and broken bones.

Annually, about more than one million Americans are involved in slips, falls and trips that can be prevented. Approx. 17,000 people also lose their lives. That is why legal firms or attorneys are accessible to victims of slip and fall for such preventable injuries.

An unanticipated fall can be a little bit destructive and may result to injuries. They can be profound just as those sustained through a severe car accident. When a property’s owner neglects premises liability law and makes your loved one suffered, you need to take appropriate legal actions for a fair recovery.

The Pennsylvania law demands that property owners and managers take control over the comprehensive safety of their properties. This is according to premises liability law which permits injured victims to get compensated over any personal injury caused by premises.

Most property owners and managers don’t follow the required steps to minimize the risk of severe injuries such as slip and fall. At the Pennsylvania law firms, Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers are available to ensure that you are compensated for any injury according to law. They represent people who have suffered from falls either due to a cracked pavement, faulty handrails, a peeling carpet or a hole in the floor.

As one of the professional law firms or attorneys, Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers are available to act as a strong voice for you in the legal case. An authentic premises liability claim must always be handled by Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers. Statements from professionals, damage proof and a strong presentation of the appropriate evidence indicating the criticality of your injury are the main constituents of your slip and fall claim.

If you get an injury from a slip or fall while at work and you are entitled to worker compensation, file a claim hiring a professional lawyer or law firm.

Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers or attorney ensure slip and fall victims get compensated

Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers represent victims who have sustained injuries from properties around Pittsburgh in slip and fall cases such as;

  • Failure to get rid of snow or ice
  • Failure to inspect your property
  • Torn carpets
  • Slippery floors
  • Inappropriate lighting

Any lawyer or law firm around Pennsylvania is able to help you get sufficient compensation for injuries in a variety of forms such as; Medical expenses, lost wages and any expenses tied to your accident. The Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Lawyers are available to help you through litigations and settlement negotiations.

Don’t pay for someone else’s neglect. People who own business or properties must be held responsible especially if the accident could actually repeat itself and causes injury to another person. It is advisable to speak directly to our experienced lawyer or law firm and get the right legal support.

The slip and fall attorneys or law firms understand how annoying and painful it is to be a victim of a severe accident. They believe that any person who causes harm to others either by sheer oversight or inattention should be held accountable for his or her actions. Most especially if it is someone else’s life or health is at risk.

Experienced Legal Representation by A Professional Law Firm or Lawyer

Most property owners deny responsibilities, especially after an accident. They instead blame the victim. This forces victims to hire experienced Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyers to get compensation.

Construction Site Injuries

Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Lawyers also help you get compensated on sustained injuries gotten from construction sites. They handle cases such as; injuries from cranes, injuries from hazardous appliances, scaffolding, and defective safety harnesses.

Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Lawyers have handled claims for victims who have died or sustained severe injuries due to slipping and falling in construction sites.

Types of Properties where slip and fall injuries are likely to happen

Apart from construction sites’ slips and falls, compensations have been done on injuries from other properties. Such properties include:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Parking lots
  • Swimming pools
  • Sporting Arenas
  • Malls
  • Shopping centers
  • Stairs

Contact A Professional Slip and Fall Lawyer or Law Firm

If you are a victim of slip and fall injury from a business or property, you have the right to hold the owner accountable for your condition. Ensure that you contact a highly experienced Pittsburgh Slip and Fall Law Firm or Lawyer.

Slip and Fall Case Settlements by A Legal Attorney

Sometimes your Pittsburgh slip and fall lawyer or law firm will help you settle with the diligent party or the insurance company. If the value cost of a lawsuit will exceed the amount of money, you will be settled. And your lawyer or law firm will advise you to come into a settlement agreement with the defendant.

Some conditions have to be met if the owner of the property is considered to be legally responsible for the victim’s slip and fall injury. These conditions include;

  • Either the owner or an employee caused the slip and fall and lead to injury.
  • Either the owner or the employee was aware of the danger but failed to fix it.
  • Either the owner or the employee was not responsible for taking up that initiative to correct what he or she knew would be dangerous.

What you should do after a slip and fall injury?

First, you will need to seek Medical attention. Make a thorough inspection of the area that caused your injury to be sure of what caused your accident. Look for any witnesses who were there during the incident.

If there are witnesses that were present during the incident, be sure to take down their contact information so that you can be able to contact them later. Note down the following;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Their Residence
  • Place of work

You need a professional lawyer or law firm after a slip and fall incident because they will help you get compensated. Pittsburgh Slip and Fall lawyers at our law firm are available all around Pennsylvania to help you get the justice you deserve. Property owners are always advised to make their properties safe for their clients and visitors to avoid any slip and fall Injury. Talk to our legal attorney and get the right compensation after your slip and fall injury.